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HDP on AWS Stuck on Scaling

HDP on AWS Stuck on Scaling




our Hortonworks cluster is stuck on scaling for last 24 hours and I can't seem to do anything. I tried restarting ambari on master and also the EC2 instance, but its still stuck there. My last action on the HDP Data Cloud UI to increase its size by 2 more nodes caused this, I can't seem to undo or fix this. AWS console shows the 2 new instances requested from HDP UI are not setup, not sure why HDP is stuck.

Help will be appreciated.

The state of one or more instances couldn't be determined. Try syncing later. [this is the only information repeating on HDP Cloud UI]
2018-01-16 11:54:55 Success Couldn't retrieve the cluster's status, starting to sync.
2018-01-15 14:14:53 Success The state of one or more instances couldn't be determined. Try syncing later.

Re: HDP on AWS Stuck on Scaling

@Brijesh Jaggi

May I ask if you have any specific reason to use HDC over Cloudbreak? It supports AWS and the feature set of Cloudbreak is a superset of the feature set of HDC. If you are making a POC now, then you should go with Cloudbreak v2.2 (or 1.16.5 if you would like to use autoscaling)

If you still prefer using HDC then please contact your support representative and open an issue so that we could help investigating.

Hope this helps!

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