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HDP platform Apache atlas configuration with Confluent Kafka.

Is it possible to configure Confluent Kafka with HDP platform? As HDP platform only supports version 0.10.X wondering if they have plan to support upgraded version of KAFKA to use Kafka connect and KAFKA stream API. i would like to use Kafka connect and Kafka stream API for our project at the same time want to leverage HDP platform offerings..

I noticed kafka connect scripts in kafka shipped with HDP platform but they left the port default to 9092 while kafka port was changed to 6067... though the port could be changed but wondering if they support all feature of kafka-connect.

For now our concern is only lineage tracking of confluent kafka..


@Pankaj Singh, Installing Atlas through Ambari will require Kafka service as dependency. So you will have to install at-least one Kafka broker in HDP environment.

Coming to version, 1.0 Kafka is shipped with HDP2.6.5.

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