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HDP3.1 HIVE bucketId out of range: -1 ???




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@jingyong zou

Could you once change the split strategy and then run you select statement.

Set hive.exec.orc.split.strategy=="ETL";

The available options are "BI", "ETL" and "HYBRID".

Thank you, but it's the same after the revision

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facing similar issue. Did you resolve this

is there any resolution to this.

I am seeing this issue with one of the acid tables which has around 25 M records.

 Other tables have 700 M records and are working fine.  Facing this issue only for few tables.


@jingyong zou,

Is it a new table or an older table created in HDP2.x? if it is the older table created in HDP2.x than there might be chances you are hitting HIVE-20593

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