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HDPCD - Certification Help


I am planning to take the HDPCA certification exam. I wanted to know

what is the pattern of exam?

No of questions on each topic,

What is the pass %

Any tips are appreciated.


@Nikhil Vemula

You can get all the needed help from Hortonworks website.

HDPCD exam web page has information about.

  • Exam Objectives
  • Data sheet
  • Practice exam

Similar information for HDPCA exam can be found here.

I would recommend attempting the practice exam once you have a thorough understanding of the topics listed in the Exam objectives and data sheet. Since the exam is purely hands-on, practice is the best advise and practice exam is a great place to check your skills!

All the very best for your exam! Let know if you need any other help!

@Nikhil Vemula

I took HDPCA certification exam last year, and I can tell you the key to pass this exam is practice and practice.

Before the Exam ( time to get prepared)

Take each subject from HDPCA and try to stress very possible scenarios. Hortonworks has a brilliant documentation use them in your preparation. (I used them in my preparation)

By the way, you have a Practise exam available to check if you are prepared to take the exam.

During the Exam

- Read each question carefully.
- You will have 2 hours to finish the exam, this is enough time to do it and still get to check it out.
- If you find any questions that you do not know you can use the documentation that is available within the exam environment

After the Exam

Wait for your results.

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