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HIVE Permissions

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How do I setup user permissions in hive?

For example, I would like to revoke select on a table.




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You can enable to Ranger Plug-in for Hive, and centrally manage all of the policies from the Ranger UI:

You can then define a policy to Grant or Deny access to the table.

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@Graham Martin


When I do "HIVE View", it is an empty screen...

Cloudera Employee

For earlier hive versions (and if you are not running Ranger), you can try SQL Standard Auth:

However, it is preferred to use Ranger for fine grained authorization. You can find details here:

Hope that helps

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@Graham Martin @Vaibhav Gumashta

How do I create a user in Hadoop?

How do I set HIVE permissions for this user using Ranger?

I think my problem is that I did not create the user properly. Therefore, the Ranger permissions is not working....

Also, I wish to test this in sandbox... is all the configurations/programs already on the sandbox? or must I install more?

Is there special sqoop commands that must be done in order for Ranger/HIVE permissions to work? must i set --warehouse-dir???