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[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /api/v1/storm from XXXXXXXXX:4200 to http://XXXXXXXXXXXX:8888 (ECONNREFUSED) (

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@Rajendra Manjunath

Can you more details on where this error is observed?

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Its on Metron alert ui log, but there is no error on Metron management and rest log. I just changed the port to 6k series now that error is resolve, but now the problem is different. Now the Metron service on my cluster is running with green, but Strom which Metron internally uses not able to read the Kafka topic, and there are no errors on any of the logs.

And can please suggest the version Metron that i can use with HDP includes KAFKA 1.0.0 and Strom 1.1.0.

@Rajendra Manjunath

You can use Metron 0.4.2 with HDP 2.6.5 including Kafka 0.10.1 and Storm 1.1.0.

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My stacks are :

HCP with Metron i.e actually Metron 0.4.1


KAFKA 1.0.0

STROM 1.1.0

Should i have to downgrade the Kafka, if yes, Please suggest the way.

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