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HUE 3.12 Slow Loading and Navigation compared to older version

New Contributor

I just want to raise a concern regarding the update we have conducted on Hue (from 3.10 to 3.12). We observed the slowness of loading in HUE UI especially when navigating from one page to another (Job Browser, HDFS Browser and etc). Upon checking the debug mode of our browser which is Mozilla it is loading a large bytes of data (kindly check screenshot below)





Could you post the screen shots one more time its not visible , may try a different format like jpg ,bmp .

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Unfortunately that's the only screenshot I have but I can type here the error showing un the debug console of Mozilla :


"SyntaxError: JSON.parse end of data when property name was expected at line 1 column 1048577 of the JSON data"


Also, based from the screenshot, the page is loading a JSON file from / from a domain <ip address>:50499 with 9MB size of data.


We are currently viewing the HDFS file browser when we took this screenshot.


I have also encountered this problem


I have attached the Hue 3.12 job browser page network performance result using firefox developer tool.
I think there is a very big json file (9.25MB in size) that is being transfered that's why it takes so long.

However, I also perform network perf on Hue 3.6 but  there is no json file with that size, just 2 bytes json file.

Navigating through the job browser page was almost instant when in Hue 3.6 even though it has almost 10,000+ entries, much more than my fresh installed Hue 3.12.

Are there any optimization properties we could apply on Hue to make loading of pages faster on Hue 3.12?

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