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HUE Quick Start Wizard Stuck at Checking Current Configuration

New Contributor

Good Day All,


I installed CDH 5.12.0 on Windows 10 (home edition) / i3 64 bit OS with 8 GB RAM.


When I click on Quick Start, the HUE Quick Start Wizard gets stuck at Checking Current Configuration. Please see attached image.


I will appreciate if somebody can help me resolve this issue.


Hue stuck.PNG







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I was trying today, mine is stuck too. Did your issue got resolved?


if yes, Please tell me how then?




New Contributor

I've had the same experience using virtual box on OSX.

New Contributor

I'm also having same problem

New Contributor

Hello, I'm facing the same issue here. I don't know if it helps, but here is my cloudera configuration :ConfigVirtualBox.png

New Contributor

For people facing the same issue : have you find a solution to this problem ?

New Contributor

Same issue with Ubuntu 18.04 host.

New Contributor

Same problem with Ubuntu 18.04 host...

New Contributor
anyone found a solution ? having the same issue 😞

New Contributor

was this issue resolved ? Pls revert if sorted.  🙂

New Contributor

I also have the same issue, if anybody finds a solution ?????

New Contributor
For me, Hue version 3 was not working. So I switched to version 4. Under cloudera link at the top right, I clicked check configuration. Step 1 was taking a lot of time to check configuration. I clicked on step 2,the examples were displayed, ready to be downloaded. I then went back to step 1 and it had finished checking my configuration, though it had an error. Anyway, I am glad am eventually able to access the examples.

@BigDataEnthu This could be due to Hardware requirements or the Hue Slowness itself. As Hue itself requires Min 4GB of memory so this could be due to you have only 8GB for whole CDH.


I would say try to switch to Hue3 once and see the behaviour and at least try to bypass step first by just clicking on Next button or clicking on Steps 2 directly and see if this still hung. 


You can Also open Browser debugger tool to see what request is taking time and share the output here so that I can take a look. 

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