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HUE error while trying to set ACL


HUE error while trying to set ACL

New Contributor

I am trying to set ACL permissions, using the HUE interface, to a specific user in a HDFS directory. I have already installed and configured sentry to use it with Hive and HDFS. When creating the ACL i get the following error:

 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: XXX aclspec=&op=REMOVEACLENTRIES& {"RemoteException":{"exception":"IllegalArgumentException","javaClassName":"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException","message":"Required param aclspec for op: REMOVEACLENTRIES is null or empty"}}.

I have tried researching this error and it seems HUE is constructing the http request wrong. Could some one help me? I have no idea what is going on

Thank you in advance

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