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HUE with openLDAP, SENTRY enabled (OpenLdap installed on Secondary namenode)

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CDH 5.9


I have installed openldap on the secondary namenode. I have enabled LDAP on HUE service. I'm able to sync LDAP users and groups to hue. I have also enabled sentry for hue. But, in the WebUI, i'm not able to see add role for any of the databases.


If I enable Sentry for Impala and try to create role in the query editor it says the user doesnot have permissions.


What user do you have set as the Sentry 'god'?

A user in this list or in a group in the list will be the only one that is able to create the initial roles until some delegation is granted.

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I have added the group to the sentry admin group. I have logged in with the user which is part of the group. I'm able to see the permissions for the database, but, not able to see the add role and not able to add any permissions.