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Hadoop Developer Exam CDH - General Queries


Hadoop Developer Exam CDH - General Queries

New Contributor
  1. Which version of Hadoop/Spark/Sqoop/Scala etc should be studied to prepare for exam?
  2. The exam will be focused on cloudera virtual machine or it can be any Linux Environment?
  3. Knowledge of Scala and Python are mandatory for exam or only knowledge of Java will help?

Re: Hadoop Developer Exam CDH - General Queries

Community Manager

Hi @urssanj00,


When viewing the certification page on you will find that each certification has its own information page. These pages contain information such as exam question format (your question #3), required skills and exam cluster information (your question #1 and #2). These pages will have the most up to date information as they are updated by the certification team. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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