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Hadoop Sandbox 2.6 port forwarding for HTTP so can reach external site eg: Github



Can you tell me which port forward is used for HTTP connect on the Sandbox?

Currently I am able to ping the GitHub now from my local windows machine, although unable to ping GitHub on my sandbox.

Thanks Ashal


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@Ashal Singh

The HDP Sandbox already comes with many ports already defined in the Network Rules. However you can refer to the following like to verify the Port forwarding on your Sandbox :

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Based on your Sandbox type (like Docker, VMWare, VirtualBox ..) you can also refer to the following link to find the Port Forwarding settings:


Hi Jay,

Thanks for prompt feedback. Why can't I ping external sites from my Virtual Box Sandbox 2.6 although I can from my windows CMD?

In the port forwarding under network rules, do you know which one is responsible for external http connection?

Any ideas? is there any other way for me to Install Mongo DB?

Please help.


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@Ashal Singh

Can you please check the Network Settings of your Sandbox VirtualBox? Like is it configured like following:


Also please share the output of the following command:

[root@sandbox ~]# service network status
Configured devices:
lo eth0
Currently active devices:
lo eth0@if5




and the other