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Hadoop Web Interface to run commands

New Contributor

Hi Team,


I have a small problem. I need to integrate Hadoop web interface with our web application . I just need an Hadoop interface where we can run some hadoop commands something like


1 cat hadoop dfs -cat <path>prints the file contents
2 chgrp hadoop dfs -chgrp [-R] GROUP URI [URI …]
3 chmod hadoop dfs -chmod [-R] <MODE[,MODE]... | OCTALMODE> URI
4 hadoop dfsadmin -setSpaceQuota 10737418240 /user/esammer
5 hadoop dfsadmin -report
6 copyFromLocal hadoop dfs -copyFromLocal <localsrc> URI



for this need an web interface. I already installed cloudera manager. I am using this Version: Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition Trial 5.1.1 (#82 built by jenkins on 20140725-1608 git: cb9ebb729efc7929e1968b23dc6cf776086e20a7)
May i know how to get this web interface . I already configured Oozie web console .
Anyone please suggest how to implement this ..


Re: Hadoop Web Interface to run commands

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any one please replay

Re: Hadoop Web Interface to run commands

Hello Aaryan, commands like chmod and chgrp are on the OS level and "hadoop dfsadmin" are on the HDFS level. There is no web interface for these commands. Cloudera does ship Hue with CDH, so you should be able access services over the browser and run Hive queries, access HBase Tables and so on.


If you need more assistance, please be more specific about what you're trying to accomplish

Gautam Gopalakrishnan