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Hadoop YARN - Job consuming more resources than specified in user limit factor

New Contributor

I've got a default queue in YARN with the following configuration:

Capacity: 70%
Max Capacity: 90%
User Limit Factor 0.08
Minimum User Limit 8%
Maximum Applications Inherited
Maximum AM Resource Inherited
Priority 0
Ordering Policy Fair
Maximum Application Lifetime -1
Default Application Lifetime -1
Enable Size Based Weight Ordering Disabled
Maximum Allocation Vcores Inherited
Maximum Allocation Mb Inherited


But even with the User Limit Factor of 0.08 and Minimum User Limit of 8%, there are jobs running with more than 8% of the resources of the queue, as you can see below:


Inked2021-08-19 15_45_28-RUNNING Applications_LI.jpg

How is this even possible? Is the User Limit Factor/Minimum User Limit not working? Is there any other configuration I should be aware of?





What is the maximum resource allocated to the default queue and how much it is consuming currently?