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Handle HTTP Request and Response after site-to-site in cluster

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Hi, community. I have NiFi cluster, which consist of 2 nodes. Also I have single node NiFi, that connected with cluster by site-to-site. On the side of cluster NiFi I have a client, that make HTTP GET requests, on the side of single node NiFi I have the server that should response for client requests. So, I wan't to use cluster, single node NiFi and their site-to site connection as a proxy for client and server. I Used Handle HTTP request and response processors at the cluster, and Invoke HTTP at the single node NiFi. But answers that came from single node nifi after Invoke HTTP can go to not same node of cluster at which it initially came from HandleHTTPRequest processor. It results, that another node doesn't know http.context.identifier of flowfile and can't properly send it by handle http response processor. Is it possible to make something to make it work?


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Site-To-Site is not a proxy.
Perhaps a diagram of what you are trying to accomplish may make it easier to follow your use case?

Could you share such a diagram that shows flow of connections and what is happening now versus a diagram that shows what you want to happen. 


You have a 2 node nifi cluster using invokeHTTP processor making a request to a handleHttpRequest processor on the standalone NiFi (1 node cluster) and then the FlowFile generated by the HandleHttpRequest processor is end via Site-To-Site to the NiFi cluster that then routes to a HandleHttpResponse?  

Maybe i am not following very well, but I don't understand why you are doing that if I understand your flow correctly?  Why isn't the same node that receives the the request via the HandleHttpRequest processor also sending the response via a HandleHttpResponse processor?