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Hardware recommendation for non-production



In our development site we have a concept of prod-like environment.

These are large clusters (10-15 nodes) where we run various benchmark tests for our products.

Until now we used physical servers - 2 U rack-mount servers with multiple internal disks configured as JBOD.

now we have increased the requirements of the number of environments - we need to have 5-6 such environment for the latest product and we need to have available environments for existing customer with older version of our products.

so, I was thinking of moving from physical servers to use ESX hypervisor and use VMs.

this will enable me to use less resource and be more flexibile in the configuration.

We got recommendation to use HPE Synergy, which can mix blades and Disks in the same chassis.

Can anyone share if they handle similar issues and how they resolved them?


PS we're using both CDH and HDP (existing customers have different versions), main components are Kafka, HBase, Hive and SPARK, and additional SW like Cassandra. Elasticsearch and more.


New Contributor

It is fairly uncommon to virtualize environments for HDP / CDH.  However what you are proposing is possible.  We are actually working with the USAF and they are propsing a similar configuration to test different environments. 


Also in my view you can save significant dollars looking at other hardware platforms than HPE Synergy. I'm definitely more than a bit biased since my companies develops and manufacturers server and cluster platforms for Cloudera platforms. 

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