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Hbase Indexer for Solr

New Contributor

HBase Indexer from HDPSearch helps push all updates in HBase to Solr. With recent release of HDPSearch 4.0 does not seem to support HBase Indexer anymore. We have huge data in HBase that needs to be indexed. We are mainly looking for a way to index data in HBase near real time. If not HDPSearch, what are the other options to index data in HBase 2.0?


New Contributor

Kindly lets know ASAP.


what about using spark to fetch data from hbase and load into solr ? This would allow transformations. Spark has great connector for both hbase and solr.

New Contributor

Hi Natus, thanks for your reply. Spark would be good idea to batch load periodically. We are looking for an near real time/online solution.

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