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Hbase - Inserting new rows every time.

New Contributor

I have a simple requirement to record transactions without overriding.(Updating the Row) Row Key remains same but transactions are different. VERSIONS can be used but in my case versions are not fixed and it can be anything. Is HBASE/Hadoop good to store such data?

Simple example

User ID ------ Ssteps Walked

1 100

2 200

1 150

2 35


If you have to support unlimited retention of updates to one logical element, you should consider a different table structure.

HBase does not perform well with large number of versions. Architecturally, the system is meant to only have a few versions for a cell. HBase scales "vertically" by adding more rows to the system, not by adding multiple versions of cell in a row.

New Contributor

Thanks Josh for the quick reply. I am new to Big data. We have been looking at a solution to replace Relational database due to maintenance and cost. Database has a table with 120 columns and daily inserting around 20M rows. All these transactions need to be retained for 10 years. Can you please suggest what are the other solutions for such a requirement on top of HDFS?

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Hi May I know What is the current rdbms

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