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Hbase Master are both on standby



We have noticed on ambari that after a maintenance that both hbase masters are on "Standby" mode:


We tried without success to restart each HBase master to see if they were going to change into "Active". 

Could you please help use


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Hi @Koffi  , May I know what Ambari version you are using ? And what was the change performed on those Hbase hosts ? Also can you check the Ambari server and agent logs on both the Hbase master nodes and check specifically for any JMX or ssl related error. 

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The Hbase Masters can be stuck on a Standby state if it is still recovering the lease on the MasterprocWALs. You can check the same by looking at the restart logs of the Hbase Masters.


Check: hdfs dfs -ls -R /apps/hbase/data/MasterProcWALs > Check How Many Files (10000)


Possible Solution: Sideline MasterProcWALs + Waiting On RecoverLease