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Hbase indexer for solr with different zookeepers


Hbase indexer for solr with different zookeepers

New Contributor

Hello, I have a solr instance ensembled with zookeeper and I have another instance with hbase and Hbase indexer with their own zookeeper. I’m trying to use the Hbase indexer to index hbase table context into Solr but the problem arises while Hbase indexer tries to communicate with the Solr zookeeper as Solr and its ZK uses basic authentication.

Has anyone figured out a way to mention credentials while hbase indexer tries to connect to solr zk?

Here is the document that I’m refering to

Here is how I add a Hbase indexer

./hbase-indexer add-indexer \ 
  -n myindexer \ 
  -c indexer-conf.xml \ 
  -cp solr.zk=server1000:3181,server2000:3181,server3000:3181/solr \ 
  -cp solr.collection=myCollection 
  -z server1:3181,server2:3181,server3:3181
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