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Hbase row filter from hbase shell


Hi ,

I am trying do filter on rowkey which is combination of 3 columns in my case which are separated by a space.i want to query on filter conditions on 2 columns..below is how my data looks in hbase and hbase queries i am using.

i want to query on rowkey which contains values row1 and can i do that

hbase(main):003:0> scan 'testspaces' ROW COLUMN+CELL row1 gud column=cf:a2, timestamp=1523548834897, value=value1e row1 rad column=cf:a2, timestamp=1523548716606, value=value1e row1 sec column=cf:a2, timestamp=1523548822010, value=value1e row2 rad exam column=cf:a3, timestamp=1523548741273, value=vale1e 4 row(s) in 0.0150 seconds scan 'testspaces',{FILTER =>"(PrefixFilter('row1') OR PrefixFilter('sec')"} scan 'testspaces', { LIMIT => 3, FILTER => "org.apache.hadoop.hbase.filter.RowFilter( =, 'row1') AND ValueFilter( =, 'sec'} scan 'testspaces', {FILTER =>'EQUAL'),"sec")) AND'EQUAL'),"row1"))}


Super Collaborator

your last (third) query should be fine, do you get any error message? not sure if you need to put brackets around the row filters like { FILTER => (filterA AND filterB) }