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Hdfs delegation token issue for all service users

I am trying to run jobs from different hadoop services like hive , spark , falcon but I am getting hdfs delegation token can not be found in cache ?



@Anurag Mishra

That means you don't have a valid kerberos ticket. Can you do the following as oot

# su - hive

Check whether you have a valid kerberos ticket

$ klist

Ans share the output else grab a ticket and retry.

@Anurag Mishra

You need to have a valid kerberos ticket before running any commands in a kerberized cluster - To get valid ticket you issue

kinit username@REALM

or if you like to use a SPN keytab

kinit -kt keytab principal@REALM

Having that said I recommend you go over this great post that explains the delegation tokens in detail:


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