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Hello All, I know that Apache Pig can run in either local mode or mapreduce mode. I would like to know that should i start running Hadoop to run Apache Pig in any one of the modes (local/mapreduce)?



Hi Saravanan, yes you can run Pig in local mode without hadoop, it will use the local file system and a single VM.


My questions is that if i need to run Pig in mapreduce mode, should i start namenode, datanode, secondary namenode, jobtracker and tasktracker?

@saravanan Selvam If your cluster is running in pesudomode (Single node cluster) then there is no need to start hadoop. But if the cluster has multi nodes then you do need to start hadoop only then you will be able to access data through pig.So its also based on the cluster this can be decided. In general Local mode doesn'e need hadoop where as mapreduce mode you should start Hadoop service to run pig scripts in mr mode.