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Help needed with regards HortonWorks big data CyberSecurity solution



I am busy evaluating HortonWorks Metron/Nifi solution for Cybersecurity which already has the framework for what I need/ or

having to create from scratch on Azure HD Insights. Left message with Hortonworks twice to assist us to enable demo, still no

response after 1.5 weeks. Can someone tell me if the Cybersecurity solution will be part of Azure so can leverage as IaaS?

or what will the options be as I have some critical decisions to make within the upcoming weeks and would like to get more info around on this?

Thanks Ash


@Ashal Singh

I'm not aware of any plans to for Metron to be part of Azure HD Insights. However, you should be able to deploy Metron on Azure IaaS without difficulty. Can you share more information about what you are trying to do? Do you have more specific questions for which you are looking for answers?


@Michael Young

, is there a number I can reach you on?