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Hive 2.0 view query page is taking time to load

Hive 2.0 view query page is taking time to load. All the checks are green but the query page is not opening and is taking time to load


@Jay Kumar SenSharma Can you please help in this? Thanks in advance

Super Mentor

@Aishwarya Dixit

Can you please let us know the following:

1. Do you see the same behaviour in Incognito (Private Mode) in browser? (this is just to check if the browser cachine is causing any issue or not).

Do you see the same behaviour from any other browser like FireFox?

2. Are you using any frontend webserver in front of Ambari? Or Knox?

3. Do you see any error in the Browser debugger console?
Please open Google Chrome --> More Tools --> Developer Tools --> Console (Tab)

And then open the HIveView 2.0 and then check if you are noticing any error in the "Console" Tab of the browser debugger tool?

4. Any error do you see in ambari-server.log or inside the "hiveview20.log"

5. What is your ambari version?

Hi @Jay Kumar SenSharma

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, we are seeing same behavior in Incognito mode and other browsers.

No, we are not using any frontend browser.

We are observing the following error in ambari-server.log

ERROR [ambari-client-thread-2910804] ContainerResponse:537 - Mapped exception to response: 500 (Internal Server Error)


Ambari version

Thanks in advance!

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