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Hive Insert into table issue


I need to create a table with just a field, which is a map of string: string. I have created the table without problems, but when I try to insert the values (they are defined, not in another table) I am not able to achieve it. The code is below.

create table comunidades ( codigo MAP<STRING, STRING> );
INSERT INTO TABLE comunidades SELECT 1, {"AND": '01'};

@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

The table was filled in the previous actions, but the Ambari platform throws me the specified error above. Now I would need to specify the values into file ruiz.txt as proper key-value pairs, and not inserting null after the file rows. I'll look how to do it. Thank you very much for your patience


@Luis Ruiz

Nice to know it helped, that's the open source spirit 🙂


Yes, it's the better way to solve problems 🙂