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Hive LLAP Hiveserver2 Interactive Extremely Slow Start

I am very familiar with setting up Hive LLAP and all of the various different settings to get Hive LLAP running. I have a test cluster that has been running LLAP for 6 months pretty stable. Just now I did a restart of Hiveserver2 Interactive and the progress bar in Ambari was idle for well over 4 minutes before any output started to arrive in the modals.... When it was finally up, the process duration in Ambari modal is 787.91 secs.

Cluster nodes are 8 core, 64 gb ram. HiveServer2 Interactive is just a single Hive LLAP Container and LLAP is only component on that node.

Can anyone shed some light on how to trouble shoot or what background process could be doing for 4-5 minutes before anything happens?


@Steven Matison

You can check the Hive Interactive logs and slider-agent logs to troubleshoot the slow restart.

as i mention in the op, nothing is happening, so nothing in logs... its just waiting waiting waiting almost 10 minutes before any log output roles into the level of Restart Llap HiveServer2 Interactive

Still looking for a good answer here... have another restart going on a cluster now at over 500 seconds and the llap node is still grey.... never turned blue, never started... nothing useful in ambari-server or ambari-agent logs