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Hive LLAP Low Vcpu Usage

New Contributor

Problem Statment:

Hive LLAP Daemons not consuming Cluster VCPU allocation. 80-100 cores available for LLAP daemon, but only using 16.


I am testing Hive LLAP on Azure using 2 D14_v2 head nodes, 16 D14_V2 Worker Nodes, and 3 A series Zookeeper nodes. (D14_V2 = 112GB Ram/12vcpu) The 15 nodes of the 16 node Cluster is dedicated to LLAP.

The Distribution is HDP

Currently the cluster has a total of 1.56TB of Ram Available and 128vcpu. The LLAP Daemons are allocated the proper amount of memory, but the LLAP Daemons only uses 16vcpus total ( 1 vcpu per daemon + 1 vcpu for slider).


My relevant hive configs are as follows:

hive.llap.daemon.num.executors = 10 (10 of the 12 available vcpu per node)

Yarn Max Vcores per container - 8


I have been load testing the cluster but unable to get any more vcpus engaged in the process. Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @gregory kinne have you managed to solve this issue? I've noticed this same issue in my cluster.

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