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Hive LLAP parallelism configuration

When executing the following query on LLAP:

WITH first as (SELECT 1 as a, 1 as b) SELECT * FROM first as f JOIN first as f2 ON f.a=f2.a

Hive fails with:

IllegalArgumentException: max parallelism must be positive, currently is 0

@Georg Heiler

Please confirm if hive.server2.enable.doAs is set to false at your end, if not, can you please set it to false and then test(hive.server2.enable.doAs=true is not supported with LLAP)

Also, confirm if "Maximum Total Concurrent Queries" is not configured 0 for your LLAP.

confirmed that set to false, also Maximum Total Concurrent Queries > 0.

The problem seems to have resolved itself after restarting a couple of times.

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