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Hive Support through squirrel Client


Hive Support through squirrel Client

New Contributor

Hi Team,

We can connect to the Hive server through a squirrel client. All the queries are running fine. There are few minor issues that we see in this configuration and not sure if squirrel supports this for Hive or if we have to get the right plugin :


1 > Table names are not coming in the object tree for the Hive database. For any other databases, we can see table names in the object tree, but it is not coming for Hive. Are we missing any plugins or any configuration we have to manage?


2> We are not able to see the defined size of the column. For example, if we define any field ‘X’ as a string (20), then we should be able to see it through squirrel. For other databases, in the ‘Metadata’ tab of the result query, there is field ‘getprecision’ where we can see the defined size of any columns. It is not coming for the Hive tables.


Could you please help with these issues or direct me to the right forum to get the answers.


Re: Hive Support through squirrel Client

Rising Star

@kbmgp - If you are getting proper output in the Hive or beeline, then there is no issue from the Hive side.

I will suggest you to check with Squirrel, I fell they can help you in better way. 


Re: Hive Support through squirrel Client


1. I suggest you check HS2 log to see if Squirrel sends request to HS2 to get the list of databases, if not, then issue is on the Squirrel side. If yes, check if there is any errors

2. When you run SHOW CREATE TABLE in Beeline for that particular table, do you see the column size? If yes, then again, issue on the squirrel side.

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