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Hive View 1.5 is blank using Internet Explorer 11 (but working in Chrome)

New Contributor


Currently running HDP 2.6.0 and Ambari 2.5.0 - when I access Ambari Hive View 1.5 in IE 11, the page is blank. I only see the top Ambari toolbar, but the rest of the page is blank.

However, it works perfectly fine in Chrome.

I am also aware that this is a problem that has been mentioned before, but it seems though most workarounds involve just using Chrome instead. However, I'm looking for an actual fix to get it working in IE 11.




Hey Lucy,

I am also facing the same issue. All the views works fine with other browser but with IE I am not able to use hive 1.5 view. Although hive-2.0 view is working fine.

You can try using hive2.0 view with IE.

If you have any resolution with hive-1.5 view that you might have implemented, please let me know.

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