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Hive View Not working

we are currently using Hive view version 1.0 and ambari I have integrated with LDAP and whenever i click on hive view it asks for credentials and i can successfully login and query it. But my ldap password changes for every 4 hours and hive view does not refresh or ask for my ldap credentials again which result in 401 error. Can some one please help me how should i fix this issue. It works fine as long as the initial password is valid. I have tried to clear the browser cache but did not work. How exactly does hive view authenticate


After setting up with ambari with ldap it still does pass through the Hive view for authentication..

You need to update the hive authentication setting in the Ambari View.


Please refer below link:

yes i did that and when i click hive view it asks ldap password. My problem is my ldap password changes for every 4 hours, once i login in to hive view it does not ask for password anymore, well i guess hive view does not refresh when ldap password to fix this ?

Can someone help me to fix this issue or guide me please