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Hive column encryption


I'm looking for a way to encrypt a column in hive. I know that using kms I can encrypt entire tables and/or data on hdfs, but looking for an efficient way to encrypt a specific column.

I came across this

Has anyone tried this or familiar with encrypting a column in hive?

Thanks in advance



HI @Adi Jabkowsky

i found the following post "data-encryption-on-hive-table-using-ranger-kms" this document describes a kms/spark/hive data flow.

i also know that ranger can restrict user access to a column and masking the data in a few ways. a good guide can be found here.


hope this helps


@Adi Jabkowsky

That Jira you are pointing to is unresolved hence not a solution, For centralized authorization, you should look at Ranger .


Thank you both for your insights!
Using Ranger i can mask data in hive but it's different than actual encryption so Ranger as-is is not a solution for my scenario.
@Raymond Honderdors thank you for that flow, i will give it a deeper thought.

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