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Hive dynamic partition using date

Hi ,

I have some sample date like this



I want to load this data in to hive table using partition using current date and when I load this data tomorrow again it should be partitioned by using tomorrow's date.

is this possible to achieve this in hive.????


Re: Hive dynamic partition using date

Super Guru
@prasad raju

Yes,Its possible,
Use hive in current_date fucntion to generate the current date

hive> select current_date;
|     _c0     |
| 2018-06-18  |

Your Insert query would be

Insert into <db_name>.<target_tab_name> partition(<field_name>) select *,current_date from <db_name>.<source_tab_name>

By using the above query when you are loading the data to target table the date would be changing dynamically.