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Hive in HDP 2.4 and ALTERs



we are currently running HDP- with Hive ACID and, after upgrading in our staging env to HDP-, we cannot ALTER tables with partitions anymore.

Here is an example of a query and the error

ALTER TABLE clicks_new CHANGE COLUMN billing billing STRUCT<

Error: Error while processing statement: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.DDLTask. Changing from type struct<cost:float,originalCost:float,currency:string,currencyExchangeRate:float,bid:struct<id:string,amount:float,originalAmount:float,currency:string,currencyExchangeRate:float>,revenue:float,revenueCurrency:string,publisherRevenue:float> to struct<cost:float,originalCost:float,currency:string,currencyExchangeRate:float,bid:struct<id:string,amount:float,originalAmount:float,currency:string,currencyExchangeRate:float>,revenue:float,revenueCurrency:string,publisherRevenue:float,revenueCurrencyExchangeRate:float> is not supported for column billing. SerDe may be incompatible (state=08S01,code=1)

This used to work with HDP-2.3, and I know it's something disabled on purpose and that will come back with HDP-2.5 and Hive 2.0, but my question is: is there some setting to re-enable the old feature (with all its limits) as in HDP-2.3?


@Davide Ferrari

Unfortunately, no. This issue is fixed in Hive 1.3/2.0. See:

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@Davide Ferrari

Unfortunately, no. This issue is fixed in Hive 1.3/2.0. See:


Thanks for you answer @Constantin Stanca even if I'm sorry to hear it 😞 Well, we'll update to latest 2.3 and wait eagerly for 2.5. Do you have a more or less estimate on when 2.5 will be released as stable?

HDP 2.5 will be released end of August, beginning of September. Just a few weeks...

Super Guru

HDP 2.5 is out now

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