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Hive interactive server cant start null


i try to start hive llap but when i start always failed and this logs from task log 


WARN conf.HiveConf: HiveConf of name hive.heapsize does not exist
ERROR cli.LlapStatusServiceDriver: FAILED: null
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
	at [hive-llap-server-3.1.0.jar:3.1.0]
	at org.apache.hadoop.hive.llap.cli.LlapStatusServiceDriver.main( [hive-llap-server-3.1.0.jar:3.1.0]
FAILED: null

Command failed after 1 tries

anybody can help ? thanks 


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Try The below solutions. 

@myzard Can you compare the values of hive.heapsize on this cluster that seem to be the issue? Please adjust them depending on the memory the HiveServer2 Heap Size automatically shows you the memory available to the cluster so i.e on my 24 GB single node I dedicated 8 GB for hive.heapsize and it fires up!

Possible SLotion: 
1. Increase the llap queue resource percentage
2. Try restarting YARN service and then restarted HS2I



appear new error after doing that 

WARN cli.LlapStatusServiceDriver: Watch timeout 400s exhausted before desired state RUNNING is attained.
2022-12-19 09:24:02,846 - LLAP app 'llap0' current state is LAUNCHING.
2022-12-19 09:24:02,847 - LLAP app 'llap0' current state is LAUNCHING.
2022-12-19 09:24:02,847 - LLAP app 'llap0' deployment unsuccessful.

Command failed after 1 tries

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@myzard Increase the timeout below.

You can also check after changing the below property from Ambari UI > Advance Hive-interactive-env:
Number of retries while checking LLAP app status = 40
(It will show a warning, please ignore that and save)

This should increase the timeout from 400 to 800s.

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