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Hive is unable to read the HDFS


Hello everybody,

Table properties:

-> Tried both Internal and External tables

-> Stored as ORC

-> 777 permission recursively for all the folders.

-> executing the table as the same owner of the table

-> transactional true(internal table only)

->orc compress zlib

-> msck repair works fine . showing partition values and size of the folders are same as in prod

I have moved the data from Server A to Server B and Server C to HDFS and built a table on top of hdfs data. All the three servers are in HDP 3.1 . Server A it is production server which is working fine from initial setup. moved the data to dev and test server respectively.

Server B is test server which seems to be working without any change next day .

Server C is Dev server is not at all working after three days .

HS2 configs are compared . almost same for across the servers

It is really strange to handle these type of scenario . Can someone help me in this


Super Collaborator

Hi Sindhu,
do you get any error message when it fails?



I have enabled the debug mode and Logs are clean

Super Collaborator

on your dev server, do you have any hive table defined that you can query? What actually happens when you are querying the table in hive?