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Hive Unexpected end of input stream


When i add a where clause or a function like count(*) to a select statement in Hive, it fails with the below java error. Queries without where clause or functions (select * from table;) works just fine . Please help. Unexpected end of input stream


Expert Contributor

@prasanna_santha  I am not sure if you had resolved this.

I had the same issue today.

From the MR logs, it clearly says which gz file has issues. I just went ahead and removed the file and proceed with the job

New Contributor

How do you access the MR logs?


I'm having the same issue and can't identify which are the troublesome files



Access logs from RM UI :

Using RM UI > Applications > click on your failed application > application master > then goto the logs at the end of screen .
- it's good idea to check your container logs which may shows whats happening .  


- if you are using hive-tez kinda of issues appear if missing class , once the container start loading these class for tez , because count(*), insert queries will use yarn to submit new application ; so it's good check classpath for tez , and check if you have correct tez.tar.gz on the HDFS which contains all needed jars .