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Hive llap performance issue.

We have HDP version installed. Enable the LLAP and it was working very fine till 4 month. Now we are facing issue for performance. Earlier same query was taking around 51 sec and now it is taking more than 9 min's.

We haven't change anything on server and configuration.

Immediate help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


@Ashnee Sharma

Is there a change in the data volume? Also, what is the performance for the consecutive query runs?


No change in volume and we were running continuous query on llap like 3-7 queries in parallel. Same thing we were doing and now also but it is taking time.

My obserbation is it is taking time for reducer's.


And consecutive query performance also decreased. Please suggest it I can tune the reducer's.

I have tried to tune my cluster with following parameter.

MemPerDaemon (Container Size) > LLAP Heapsize (Java process heap) + CacheSize (off heap) +headroom

Multiple of yarn min allocation Should be less than yarn.nodemanager.resource.memory-mb Headroom is capped at 6GB QueueSize (Yarn Queue) >= MemPerDaemon * num daemons + slider + (tez AM size * concurrency)

Cachesize = MemPerDaemon - (hive tez container * num of executors)

Num executors per daemon = (MemPerDaemon - cache_size)/hive tez container size

Our cluster size is 4 datanode and 1 master.

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