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Hive - metastore migration from mysql to Oracle

New Contributor

Hi all,

I have a problem with migrating Hive metastore to Oracle.

Firstly I tried to do it via SQL Developer - I've dumped metastore db and paste "inserts" directly into Oracle tables, but due to db differenciens (for example different data type in columns, break signs, varchar limitations) it haven't worked.

Secondly I tried to export hive tables one by one, but due to large amount of data stored in all databases it is a litte bit hard - because expoted tables cloginng the hdfs. Also in import stage it will be difficult to add them to proper dbs (for now there's about 100 dbs with approximately 100 tables each).

The last option I've tried was a script that exported result of "select create table" quote from Hive - after metastore db changed to Oracle I've created in Hive same tables, but only few of them have a access to data on hdfs.

Do You have any other ideas? Or maybe You can say what I'm doing wrong?



@David Hasan

Try this opensource tool mysql_to_oracle