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Hive tables are not listed in Windows ODBC

New Contributor

Hi everyone,


We are running Cloudera on Oracle BDA machine.


What I could not do is to query Hive tables through Windows ODBC driver.


- I am using a Windows 7 on an enterprise domain and installed 32bit Cloudera Hive ODBC driver.


- I logged in this Windows 7 with my personal user id and this user id can do everything on Hive with HUE or on BDA ssh console.


- Kerberos is enabled in our BDA environment, so that I preferred KErberos authentication while creating DSN. Hive ODBC driver worked ok during DSN definition. All tests succeded.


- To do more tests, I tried to connect Hive through Excel. But no tables are seen from Hive. Then I checked my DSN configuration, enabled show hive_system table. After that, in Excel I could only see the HIVE.hive_system table.


What could be wrong here?









To clarify the issue, are you not able to see the list of tables or are you not able to run queries against any Hive tables? What were the error you got from the client application?


Can you please enable the ODBC driver log by following the doc on page 44:


and then provide the trace logs (LogLevel=6) when query is running?


And also provide the HS2 log snippet during the execution of the query.





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