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Hive task starts failing for no particular reason

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Here's the log from oozie:

This is coming from oozie Map task logs:

I have not been able to get a clear explanation as to why this happens. I have posted the question here before and have been asked to check logs. Here's what I see in logs. Please suggest why this happens

Showing 4096 bytes of 24709 total. Click here for the full log.

e: 2 minutes 8 seconds 910 msec
INFO  : Ended Job = job_1506275275074_186873
INFO  : Starting task [Stage-25:CONDITIONAL] in serial mode
INFO  : Stage-32 is selected by condition resolver.
INFO  : Stage-3 is filtered out by condition resolver.
INFO  : Starting task [Stage-32:MAPREDLOCAL] in serial mode
ERROR : Execution failed with exit status: 1
ERROR : Obtaining error information
Task failed!
Task ID:


ERROR : /var/log/hive/hadoop-cmf-CD-HIVE-XCVXskZf-HIVESERVER2-ip-172-31-4-192.ap-south-1.compute.internal.log.out
ERROR : FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from
ERROR : ATTEMPT: Execute BackupTask:

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@Simran Kaur

On the host where it the task is failing can you please check if it has enough space inside the "/tmp" directory and are you ablet o create a directory inside "/tmp" ? Also please check the number of files created inside the "/tmp" using "# ls -l | wc -l"


# cd /tmp
# mkdir dummy

# ls -l | wc -l


Also please check and share the HiveServer logs.

And let us know if your hiveserver2 is set to use Tez as execution engine? We can try the same using Tez Engine to see it it works.

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Yes. That worked fine. cd tmp/ [user@ip tmp]$ mkdir check [user@ip tmp tmp]$ ls check/