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HiveServer2 ODBC connection username case conversion


{Env : HDP 2.5.3 and HDP 2.6.0 with Kerberos and Ranger. } It is not version specific.

When trying to connect/ establish connection from Tableau using Hortonworks ODBC connector,

Test connection fails with the message

trying to connect to database username. user: USERNAME does have READ access on /apps/hive/warehouse/username.db : drwxr-x--- username:username.

The hadoop auth_to_local rules have the case conversion RULE written and work fine.

The same works fine for HDP 2.3.2 with all similar permission set.

I believe ODBC connection would send the user in UPPER case. Is there a property added for hiveserver2 that explicitly needs to be set ?

Ambari 18813 talks about forceLowercase conversion for Ambari 2.4.3 and above. We have this set and Ambari views work fine.


@Sundara Palanki

From Hiveserver2 logs, do you still see the username in UPPERCASE?

If yes, then make sure the auth_to_local property is honoured by Hive or not. Check the query run from Hive views.



Yes, the hiveserver2 logs have the username as "ugi:USERNAME " and then followed by the access denied READ error.

When submitted from Ambari views the the user gets logged as lowercase. i.e ugi:username.

where am I getting / checking for the username in hiveserver2 : "INFO ... hivemetasore audit .... ugi:username".

Correct me if I am looking at the wrong location.


Restarting Hive fixed this issue.

After changing the Auth_to_local rules Ambari asks for restart of Hbase, yarn , mapreduce2 and oozie. However not Hive.

As @Sindhu pointed the rules were not honored until a restart of Hive.

Mark Hive configurations to be stale for any changes on core-site.xml properties might help.

New Contributor

hope this is included in Ambari 🙂

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