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HiveServer2 takes long time (25+min) to startup with thousands of databases/tables/partitions



I have thousands of databases/tables/partitions in my metastore and noticing HS2 takes almost 20-25min to be available. I've turned on debug and notived hive-server2.log spends all the time doing the below across all of my tables and views.

2018-04-18T22:47:07,941 DEBUG [main([])]: sqlstd.SQLStdHiveAuthorizationValidator ( - Obtained following objects in  filterListCmdObjects [Object [type=TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=ued_idp_psa.stg_taxml], Object [type=TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=table1], Object [type=TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=table1], Object [type=TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=table2], Object [type=TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=table3], Object [type=TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=table4]] for user hive. Context Info: QueryContext [commandString=null, forwardedAddresses=null]

Is there a way to disable this validator or other solutions? After ~25min, i get the below message and am able to connect via beeline.

2018-04-18T 22:05:37,205 INFO  [main([])]: server.HiveServer2 ( - Web UI has started on port 10002



New Contributor

@Nick Xu We are facing similar behaviour it is taking 30+ minutes for hiveserver2 startup. how did you disable the validator?

@Nick Xu

New Contributor

We are seeing the same issue, I tried setting to false but doesn't seem to work. Any idea how to disable it?

Community Manager

Welcome to the community @harry_su . As this question is several years old, I would suggest starting a new one. This would allow you to add details specific to your situation. 

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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