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Hiverserver2 Out of Memory caused by large resultset

New Contributor

Hi Guys,

We are using HDP 3 , we met a problem that when user shoot a big query , it will make our HS2 ( or HS2-interactive) OOM , even i already increase the heap size to 20G.

The query is simple but it will return 50,000,000 records. We told user that they should limit the query, but not sure if there is a way to auto detect the size of resultset and auto kill it to prevent it make our HS2 crash. 

So my question is , how to protect our hs2 ? 


Rising Star

@RickWang - Can you please confirm where you was the OutofMemory error. Can you please share the snippet of the log file. Also share the "#ps -ef | grep -i hiveserver2" from the hiveserver2 host.