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Hortonworks HDP v2.6.1 using Hive v1.2.1

New Contributor

I have a Hortonworks HDP sandbox running inside of a docker container and when I remote into the container and run

hive --version

The output is:

Hive 1.2.1000.
Subversion git://c66-slave-38a0b1a6-3/grid/0/jenkins/workspace/HDP-parallel-centos6/SOURCES/hive -r 4c6995c87f30906625e01c28e5e111a53c2e582f
Compiled by jenkins on Wed May 31 03:19:31 UTC 2017
From source with checksum e3ee749ba0a797bb10a7e12265daa82d

Has anyone upgraded hive to version 2.0 or greater with success? I was wondering if you noticed any breaking changes after the upgrade?

If you were successful, if you have any documentation to walk through the upgrade it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Master Collaborator

HDP 2.6.1 ships with two Hive binaries - 1.x and 2.x. To use the Hive 2.x you will need to enable interactive query through Hive configs. This will enable new Hive service - HiveServer2 Interactive Server. Note that the hive cli is only available on Hive 1, to use Hive 2 you will need to connect using beeline to the Hive Server Interactive JDBC url, the URL will be available on the Hive Config Summary tab once you enable the interactive query. You can find detailed instructions here.

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