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Hortonworks Sandbox HDP installation error on Mac M1


Hi All ,


After some research googling/stackoverflow/blogs/medium i got a way to try to run the Docker image on Mac m1 

Ram - i have set 10 gb

macbook air M1 

Official Cloudera Installation directory


before running the step by step installation i have tweaked the script in order to fit for Mac M1

step 0

First validate if Rosetta2 is configured correctly. You can test with alpine - very small linux docker container.



docker run --rm -ti --platform linux/amd64 alpine:latest uname -a


The output should be something like this:



Unable to find image 'alpine:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from library/alpine
Digest: sha256:d6d0a0eb4d40ef96f2310ead734848b9c819bb97c9d846385c4aca1767186cd4
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:latest
Linux 35d1145cff16 5.11.0-49-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 12 17:36:34 UTC 2022 x86_64 Linux




Step 1

i have updated the in a editor and modified following line:





docker run --rm -ti --platform linux/amd64 alpine:latest uname -a




Step 2

navigated to assets/ in an editor & scrolled to the bottom. There's docker run in line 204, added a platform switch after it like this





docker run --name sandbox-proxy --network=cda \\
--platform linux/amd64 \\
-v $absPath/assets/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf \\




Step 3

After doing the changes triggered the command from Terminal 









Step 4 

i see during step 3 execution the log has triggered an error , below the detailed info





+ registry=hortonworks
+ name=sandbox-hdp
+ version=3.0.1
+ proxyName=sandbox-proxy
+ proxyVersion=1.0
+ flavor=hdp
+ echo hdp
+ mkdir -p sandbox/proxy/conf.d
+ mkdir -p sandbox/proxy/
+ docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1
3.0.1: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-hdp
70799bbf2226: Pull complete
40963917cdad: Pull complete
3fe9adbb8d7e: Pull complete
ee3ec4e8cb3d: Pull complete
7ea5917732c0: Pull complete
2d951411620c: Pull complete
f4c5e354e7fd: Pull complete
22ffa6ef360f: Pull complete
2060aa0f3751: Pull complete
ca01ba34744d: Pull complete
83326dded077: Pull complete
eb3d71b90b73: Pull complete
bdd1cab41c81: Pull complete
500cc770c4bd: Pull complete
0cb1decd5474: Pull complete
b9591f4b6855: Pull complete
f28e56086127: Pull complete
e7de4e7d0bca: Pull complete
ec77967d2166: Pull complete
4fdcae170114: Pull complete
6347f5df8ffc: Pull complete
6a6ecc232709: Pull complete
ea845898ff50: Pull complete
02135573b1bf: Pull complete
cb0176867cd8: Pull complete
3c08321268fd: Pull complete
82e82a97c465: Pull complete
8aaaa48ed101: Pull complete
74b321ac2ac5: Pull complete
569da02c0a66: Pull complete
af40820407ef: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:7b767af7b42030fb1dd0f672b801199241e6bef1258e3ce57361edb779d95921
Status: Downloaded newer image for hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1
+ docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0
1.0: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-proxy
951bdea65c93: Pull complete
4b9047c5fbbb: Pull complete
773156407aae: Pull complete
d8524176841d: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:42e4cfbcbb76af07e5d8f47a183a0d4105e65a1e7ef39fe37ab746e8b2523e9e
Status: Downloaded newer image for hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0
+ '[' hdp == hdf ']'
+ '[' hdp == hdp ']'
++ docker images
++ grep hortonworks/sandbox-hdp
++ awk '{print $2}'
+ version=3.0.1
+ docker network create cda
+ docker run --platform linux/amd64 --privileged --name sandbox-hdp -h --network=cda -d hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1
+ echo ' Remove existing postgres run files. Please wait'
 Remove existing postgres run files. Please wait
+ sleep 2
+ docker exec -t sandbox-hdp sh -c 'rm -rf /var/run/postgresql/*; systemctl restart postgresql-9.6.service;'
Failed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory
+ sed s/sandbox-hdp-security/sandbox-hdp/g assets/
+ mv -f assets/ assets/
+ chmod +x assets/
+ assets/
+ uname
+ grep MINGW
+ chmod +x sandbox/proxy/
+ sandbox/proxy/




Failed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory





how do i validate the status of all the applications and more over i am unable to open the localhost:1080


1) how to check the status of all the services ?

2) whether my installation is incomplete ?

3) do i have to enable something ? 


can some one help ?


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