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Hortonworks odbc SSL handshake error

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Hello, all,

  I am trying to connect to our Hadoop 3.0 Unix server using the 64-bot Hortonworks ODBC driver.  SSL is enabled on this server.  I am able to connect using the Cloudera 64-bit ODBC driver, but, for reasons that I won't go into here, we would prefer to use the Hortonworks driver instead.  The error message I keep getting from the Hortonworks connection dialog from odbcadm32.exe is "SSL v3 alert: handshake error."  No other info is available.  I know relatively little regarding security, so this is not something I can solve on my own.  Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and, if so, what you did to rectify it.

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@mattyseltz what's the ODBC version you are using, and also could you share HDP/CDP version? It is possible that the said version of ODBC driver does not support the Hive version in use. Where did you download the 32-bit ODBC driver? If you do not see any detailed error, have you tried enabling DEBUG logging in ODBC driver, and see if that gives you more info?

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I managed to finally connect to Hadoop 3.0 using the 64-bit Cloudera driver.  There is a switch in the 64-bit ODBC Administrator (odbcadm32.exe) that permits you to turn SSL on (it appears when you choose 'SSL options' while configuring a Cloudera DSN).  (I also had to be made part of a Unix user group in Active Directory, but that is probably specific to our network architecture.)  The remaining problem is that even though I was able to connect, not all queries against Hadoop 3.0 run.  Trivial queries, such as "SELECT * FROM <tablename>" work, but anything other than a trivial query throw a tez error.  And that's where I am right now.  We have switched to the Apache Hive JDBC driver to connect to Hadoop and have put Cloudera ODBC aside for the time being because Cloudera does work at least, not how I would imagine it should.

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@mattyseltz the select * query is probably submitting a plain fetch task , which does not involve running any Tez task in yarn containers. The Tez errors in my understanding must be independent of ODBC driver. You may attach your error log here, or create a support case.

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please omit "[...] because Cloudera does work at least, not how I would imagine it should."  Meant to say, "Cloudera does not work as I had hoped it would have."

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