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Hortonworks recommended way to shutdown sandbox

New Contributor

What is the hortonworks recommended, definitive way of shutting down the sandbox?

I have the hortonworks sandbox running in Azure. As credit is not unlimited i stop the VM to ensure its deallocated after use.
Today i started it up again and it was corrupted. Hive wouldn't start & Yarn wouldn't start. I spent some time trying to figure it out, but rather than spend hours that i don't have debugging i just deleted and recreated the VM.

its time consuming to have to recreate the VM, and it appears to happen quite a bit ( based on google searches). A recommended way to stop and start the VM or a script would be very helpful, as if this keeps occurring, I'm just going to give the Cloudera Sandbox a go.

appreciate any advice on this.


@fintan guihen

Heya, good question indeed. The recommended way to shut down the sandbox is to first stop all services via the Ambari UI, and then sending the shutdown signal to the VM (powering off, not killing it).

The HDF sandbox is built in a such a way that signaling a VM shutdown should attempt to gracefully end running services, helping end mid-transaction data corruption. Though the same isn't yet true for the current HDP sandbox, it should be in a very near-future release!

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