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Hosts confirm failed. Installing using non root user account.

New Contributor


I have installed and setup ambari as a root user. Then I created a non root user hadoop and gave full sudo priveleges. I have setup ssh passwordless authentication on both my hosts is working fine. When I am running the launch wizard its failing. at confirm hosts with the below error message. Please advise what to do.

I also saw the topic of installing ambari agents as non root user. I tried the

Error Below

INFO:root:BootStrapping hosts ['', ''] using /usr/lib/ambari-server/lib/ambari_server cluster primary OS: redhat7 with user 'root'with ssh Port '22' sshKey File /var/run/ambari-server/bootstrap/4/sshKey password File null using tmp dir /var/run/ambari-server/bootstrap/4 ambari:; server_port: 8080; ambari version:; user_run_as: root
INFO:root:Executing parallel bootstrap
ERROR:root:ERROR: Bootstrap of host fails because previous action finished with non-zero exit code (255)
ERROR MESSAGE: Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,password).



@Yasin Mohammed

Just re-install ambari and a non root user and consequently launch wizard will succeed. The error is very clear the launch is bootstrapping as user root !

New Contributor


Thanks for the response. I was choosing automatic host registration on the UI. I changed it to manual and it worked.

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